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Une vidéo d’un alpiniste qui grimpe nu des falaises en Espagne.

No Rope, No Chalk…No Clothes – The Purest Form Of Climbing? | EpicTV Fresh Catch

There has always been a desire amongst climbers to strive for the purest style of ascent, the most natural style if you will, the one least encumbered by artificial assistance and closest to the climbing practiced by other animals. Trad climbing is obviously a purer method of ascent than sport climbing. But trad climbing still requires plenty of gear and is nowhere near as natural as soloing. So then, soloing must be the purest form of climbing…right? It’s just you, your shoes, your chalk and the rock. How could that be any simpler? Well this video of David Fusté might just change your view on that. He not only solo climbs without shoes or chalk, but without anything else at all. Naked on the rock, he takes climbing back to its primeval routes and comes as close as possible to the animals he seeks to emulate. No Shoes, No Rope, No Clothes – The Purest Form Of Climbing? | EpicTV Fresh Catch

Grimper nu

août 10th, 2015

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